Graduate and Undergraduate Opportunities At The Texas Center For Superconductivity

TcSUH Graduate and Undergraduate Opportunities

The Texas Center for Superconductivity conducts important multidisciplinary research in world-class facilities. Graduate and undergraduate students have opportunities to fully experience this environment in both formal and informal settings through:

  • Research in multidisciplinary laboratories and training on equipment in our Core Facilities;
  • Multidisciplinary advisory committees;
  • Participation in the monthly TcSUH Student Seminar Series and the juried Annual Student Symposium;
  • Weekly lab group meetings;
  • Participation in TcSUH, college, and departmental activities such as bi-weekly and monthly seminars, symposia, joint colloquia, Special Lecture series, weekly departmental seminars, Sigma Xi competitionsUH Research Day; membership in MRS and IEEE Student Chapters, and other activities;
  • TcSUH and other U. S. and international workshops, meetings and conferences;
  • Annual technical review of research programs; and
  • Opportunities to serve as guides, demonstration leaders and mentors at the TcSUH Open House, during research facility tours, and during elementary and secondary educational outreach programs.


Recruitment of talented graduate and undergraduate students the next generations of researchers is a high priority. Graduate and undergraduate student research is a vital component of the TcSUH research program. Efforts include:

  • Collaboration in graduate student recruitment efforts with the departments of chemistry, physics, computer science, and chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering (and the program in materials engineering);
  • Internships for talented high school senior students.
Application Process

Talented students who wish to apply to the TcSUH program should send an email to outlining their educational and research experience, area of research interest, and educational plans to the TcSUH Office of Public Affairs.

Students who wish to attend the University of Houston must register through the normal University of Houston application process. Online admission application forms, information on the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the Cullen College of Engineering, and general requirements for U.S. and international students may be found on the University of Houston website.


TcSUH/Cora Hawley Endowed Scholarships

Up to two (2) undergraduate or graduate scholarships are awarded per year. Recipients are selected based on academic and research accomplishments while an undergraduate or graduate student in the departments of physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering, or other departments related to biomedical science and engineering. Preference may be given to declared physics majors.

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TcSUH/C. W. Chu Endowed Scholarships

Typically, up to three (3) undergraduate or graduate scholarships are awarded per year. Recipients are selected based on academic and research accomplishments while an undergraduate or graduate student in physics, chemistry, or materials science.

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Important TcSUH Scholarship Information


The specific guidelines will be posted soon.


The deadline for applications is April 1st of each calendar year. The materials required from each applicant are specified in the detailed guidelines for each scholarship.


Eligibility for all scholarships stipulate that 1). the student must be a current full-time undergraduate or graduate student, 2). have a current minimum UH GPA of ≥ 3.0, and 3). have a minimum of one calendar year as a full-time student remaining in his or her studies.


Applications are reviewed by the TCSUH Scholarship Committee, whose members work with the appropriate department and the UH Office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility and submit required reporting documents. Scholarship recipients will be notified by the Committee when a scholarship is awarded (typically by late May or early June).

TcSUH Graduate Degree Programs

Chemistry   M.S. Ph.D
Physics   M.S. Ph.D
Chemical Engineering M.S.Ch.E M.Ch.E. Ph.D
Electrical & Computer Engineering   M.E.E. Ph.D
Mechanical Engineering M.S.M.E M.M.E Ph.D


Opportunities exist for undergraduate students to work as part of a multidisciplinary research team under the guidance of TcSUH faculty, researchers, and graduate students. Students make oral and written presentations of projects to TcSUH faculty, researchers, and graduate students through their participation in the semi-annual Student Symposia.

TcSUH students have co-authored papers, attended and presented at conferences and symposia, and some are co-inventors on patents. The large majority of TcSUH undergraduate research assistants enroll in graduate programs after receiving their undergraduate degrees. An average of 25-30 undergraduates participate in the TcSUH program each year.



Email the Public Affairs department at: or call us at: (713) 743-8213 to inquire about visits.