About The Texas Center For Superconductivity

About TcSUH

TcSUH is a large multidisciplinary university-based superconductivity and advanced materials research center. We have over 200 faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, and visiting scholars from five departments who work to discover and improve new materials, advance science and engineering, and transfer breakthroughs in technology to the industrial sector, impacting the emerging HTS electric power community, the medical community and other sectors. The Center’s multidisciplinary research programs are training the next generation of scientists and engineers.

TcSUH alumni play key leadership roles in U.S. and international industries, government laboratories and universities. We are housed in the Houston Science Center and several other buildings on the University of Houston campus. The Center draws personnel from the departments of physics, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical engineering that create and develop high temperature superconducting (HTS) and advanced materials and further their fundamental understanding, and applications. We have spun off four national research centers and six start-up companies.

The Next Generation of Scientists

Training the next generation of scientists and engineers is central to TcSUH’s mission. The Center’s extensive education and outreach activities support science education at the graduate, undergraduate, elementary, and secondary school levels through programs that provide opportunities for student research, disseminate current superconductivity and complex materials research and applications, encourage students to pursue science and engineering careers, and enhance elementary and secondary science and teacher professional development.

More Programs


  • University of Houston recruitment of high school students.
  • Opportunity for high school students and parents to learn about undergraduate research opportunities for physics, chemistry, and engineering undergraduates in TcSUH laboratories.
  • Program overviews and opportunities to talk with TcSUH faculty, space researchers, graduate and undergraduate students.

TcSUHS Science and Engineering Award Science Engineering Fair of Houston

  • Three Special Awards given at the Science Engineering Fair of Houston to outstanding projects in materials science and engineering.
  • Three Project Certificates and Prizes (1st—$300, 2nd—$200, 3rd—$100).

Community Distinguished Lecture Series and Open House International Conferences

  • Annual lectures by Nobel Laureates and distinguished scientists for Houston area high school students and teachers and the general public.
  • Open house that shows students current research in superconductivity and advanced materials through lab tours and demonstrations.
  • Special Science Section for high school teachers at TcSUH hosted international conferences.
  • TcSUH-Hosted 6th International Conference on Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity and High Temperature Superconductors, February 20-25, 2000: Special Science Section for high school teachers and students, George R. Brown Convention Center.
  • International Applied Superconductivity Conference, August 2002: Special Science Section for high school teachers and students, George R. Brown Convention Center.
  • TcSUH-Hosted World Space Congress/European Space Agency tours and events in October 2002 for U.S. and International university student participants.



Email the Public Affairs department at: tcsuh@uh.edu or call us at: (713) 743-8213 to inquire about visits.