TcSUH at a glance

Education & Outreach

The Center’s extensive education and outreach activities support science education at the graduate, undergraduate,elementary, and secondary school levels through programs that provide opportunities for student research, disseminate current superconductivity and complex materials research and applications, encourage students to pursue science and engineering careers, and enhance STEM elementary and secondary science and teacher professional development.

Student/Postdoc Seminar Series

Each seminar features talks from two to three TcSUH students and postdocs who are planning to attend upcoming conferences, workshops, or meetings. Each talk lasts for 20 or 30 minutes (including Q/A session) in an environment of peers that can help the speaker prepare for his or her future presentation. The seminars are held once a month, and refreshments are provided. The seminars are organized by committee of three student co-chairs.

Research Divisions:

The Center encompasses four major research divisions. In the Superconductivity Division, researchers search for new superconducting materials with higher transition temperature, preferably room temperature, both theoretically and experimentally, and strive to understand mechanisms of high temperature superconductivity.

Energy Materials Division scientists and engineers conduct collaborative research in thermoelectrics, batteries, catalysts for hydrogen generation, nanomaterials for oil recovery, high thermal conductivity materials, theoretical understanding and simulation and prediction of energy materials.

Researchers in the Applications Division study parameters for enhanced critical current density and critical magnetic field of high temperature superconductors with large dimensions at reduced manufacturing cost, energy conversion and energy storage devices and systems, biomedical imaging devices and systems, and flexible electronic devices and systems.

The Applied Research Hub (ARH), established during 2010 with a grant from the State of Texas, provides infrastructure and capabilities for applied research to attract companies to engage in collaborative research and development, targeting HTS-based and related material products and processes for energy and medicine.

TcSUHEvent Center

Here are the current, most recent TcSUH seminars, symposiums, and special events:

Texas Center for Superconductivity Scholarships

TcSUH offers scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students working with and/or advised by TcSUH faculty members. They are intended to promote TcSUH research programs in High Temperature Superconductivity (HTS) and related materials.

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