People At The Texas Center For Superconductivity

Prof. Vassiliy  Lubchenko

Name: Prof. Vassiliy Lubchenko

Title: Assistant Professor


Phone: 832-842-8853

Office Location: FLEM – 212D

Classification: Faculty

Department/Affiliation: Chemistry – CHEM

Department Webpage: Profile on CHEM Website

CV: Download CV

Research Interests: Strongly non-equilibrium phenomena with applications to materials science and biology. We are interested in the mechanism of the structural glass transition in amorphous intermetallic compounds, metal-insulator transition, and puzzling photoemission effects observed in simple metals. Our biology project focuses on the poorly understood phenomenon of mesoscopic aggregation in protein solutions, during which long-lived domains of a metastable protein-rich phase form, in conflict with standard notions of thermodynamics. Also, we are optimizing AI architectures using parallels between machine learning and the physics of the glass transition, with the eventual aim of predicting the structures of complex inorganic solids.

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