People At The Texas Center For Superconductivity

Dr. Ching Wu Chu

Name: Dr. Ching Wu Chu

Title: T.L.L. Temple Chair of Science, and Founding Director & Chief Scientist, TcSUH


Phone: 713-743-8222

Office Location: HSC – 262

Classification: Faculty

Department/Affiliation: Physics – PHYS

Department Webpage: Profile on PHYS Website

CV: Download CV

Research Interests: Experimental Solid State Physics: superconductivity, magnetism, and dielectrics at high pressure and low temperature; searching for novel superconductors; unraveling the mechanism behind HTS; raising the Tc; by searching for new a paradigm to follow; exploring the topological states in superconducting and related materials, fabricating HTS; and developing practical uses of HTS at their current states.

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