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Redox-driven proton pumps and biological energy generation

Dr. Alexei  Stuchebrukhov

by: Dr. Alexei Stuchebrukhov

Affiliation: Professor at University of California at Davis

Date: Tuesday May 02, 2017

Time: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Location: Houston Science Center – Building 593 — Room 102


He will discuss coupled transport of electrons and protons in key enzymes of the electron transport chain of aerobic cells. Electron transport in these enzymes occurs via quantum-mechanical tunneling. Electron tunneling is coupled to proton pumping across the bio-membranes. The resulting proton gradient drives the synthesis of ATP. Computer simulations and theoretical modeling of ET/PT reactions provide important insights into the molecular mechanisms of redox-driven proton pumps and reveals the nature of biological energy generation machinery in aerobic cells.

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